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"Bodybuilding restarts NATURAL" Phrase engraved on the banner of Natural Body, it was the guiding star that guided Antonino Sergi in the creation of an uncontaminated dimension capable of celebrating Body Building in its purest sense: not as a collateral consequence of a contaminated approach from pharmacological use and unhealthy practices, but as a consequence of healthy motor teaching, from a disciplined nutritional conduct, in a combination that would enhance, on stage, as the ultimate goal, the beauty of bodies chiseled and shaped by what I would define Physical culture par excellence. Physical culture: nomen omen, to this end. Physical culture at the service of physical construction (hence body building) with a scientific approach free from clichés or outdated practices that marry very little with what should derive from it: the maximum exaltation of physical fitness, by virtue of a consolidated health preservation.
The intentions, sprouting from Antonino Sergi's dream, were to educate, especially the younger ones, to move away from abject and dangerous environments, so that they could become passionate about a practice that would give them the tools to derive ludic and bodily benefit from it; that ensured them the tools to develop a certain food awareness, teaching them the principles of nutrition; That


instilled the value of work and effort - and working against resistance, with weights, requires commitment and discipline - and, therefore, of the slavish application of a scientific method, based on the valid principles that govern the science of physiology and biomechanics. An ambitious dream, that of creating a new sporting current, although aware of being against the current, and he began to be the helmsman from the city that gave him birth, Taurianova, in Reggio Calabria. Da Taurianova, moved by this dream, promoted his project in 1999, where he started with local Grand Prix, together with other local structures, having a mild initial correspondence. Body building, still today, carries with it a coat of anecdotes and beliefs that have "burdened it down" and have given it a negative meaning: like a sick practice. Here: so he decided to smooth the edges, and give it a new imprint, a trace that could be pursued forever, and in a natural and healthy way. This is how he continued with his ambitious project, which saw its true consecration at the 1st championship on July 16, 2016 in Patrica, in the province of Frosinone, which marked the real beginning of the Natural Body championship. He did not obtain support, as his vision appeared utopian, until the 2nd championship he held on June 24, 2017 in Cosenza, where he met Mario Tocci, a lover and teacher of physical practice: a meeting that wrote a great trace in the history of the Natural Body: Mario Tocci found himself fully embracing that ambitious project, which brought with it an aura of pure light, fully perceived by Mario Tocci, who thus chose to take the helm of this incredible undertaking. This synergy was redundant, a decisive encounter that strongly marked Natural Body; a synergy catalyst for a growing development that led them, on 22 October 2017, to the first Squadra Azzurra, collecting victories and coloring the Italian and Spanish championships blue, thus bringing Antonino's far-sighted project to the top of the world.
A comet lit the way for Natural Body.
The arrival at the top of the world was made possible thanks to the participation of a magnificent star, who promoted the rise of Antonino Sergi's project: Giusy Sansone. Star of the sporting firmament, she was the champion who conquered, in 2017, the stages of the Italian and then Spanish championships, allowing, together with the Blue Team, access to the international competitions of the INBA GLOBAL OFFICIAL. Her career was adorned with victories in National and International competitions, wearing the colors of Natural Body, even winning the Miss Olympia in 2019.
4 years ago he participated in the first Italian Championship, and Antonino's words were the trigger for the successes collected. On stage, and off stage.
The power of Antonino's healing and wise words mitigated all her fears and gave her strength to face, at her 42 splendid years, her first flight by plane to Spain, where she found victory on an international stage, strengthened by the presence suggestive of Antonino Sergi. In Giusy's tremulous and moved words, she confided a phrase that Antonino told her, which still today fuel her flame.
She told us that, lovingly squeezing her arm but, at the same time, firmly, she said: "you will become the greatest Natural champion in Italy". That promise has been kept. Rewinding the tape, another meeting consecrated the fate of Natural Body,
giving it even more prestige. On May 19, 2018, the 3rd national championship took place in Castellammare di Stabia (NA), where the selection of the athletes to lead to the first INBA world championship was carried out. Here, another fortuitous meeting indelibly marked the fate of Natural Body. It was precisely in Castellammare di Stabia, in fact, that Antonino saw a presence that attracted his attention: that of José Possidente, an athlete of great human and cultural caliber, the tip of a diamond whose glitter was immediately magnetic for Antonino.
A Champion on and off the stage. A Natural example with an unspeakable sporting and loyal caliber. José already picked up a victory at Sapri; here, instead, there was his first landing at the CSEN where hundreds of athletes took part. Moved by the strong ethics and the iron will to enhance Natural athletes, so that regular and clean conduct could be ensured, checks were carried out in the pre-competition through blood sampling in order to extinguish any "sick particle" that could insinuate itself into the circuit of the Natural Body, polluting its purity. This was decisive: the anti-doping tests they conducted halved the number of participating athletes, from hundreds to around fifty. From here, it was evident how strong that executioner scourge was.
A sword drawn, against the detractors of an approach that does not belong to the ethics of Natural Body. The overwhelming intent to enhance a clean Sport, which praises loyalty and to remove the immoderate use of drugs, thus staining, with an indelible ink, one's sporting and healthy conduct.
José, on that stage, collected the victory in his category; Mario, also won his category. Two champions who, still, didn't know which plot of fate was intimately about to unite them. Nothing is by chance. And fate proved it.
As athletes of great sporting ethics, they found themselves under the stage to exchange
congratulate each other on the victories achieved.
Right there, the Souls of Antonino, Mario and José embraced in an astral conjunction: a set of aces that indelibly marked José's heart. That encounter remained imprinted, like the signature of the lava on the stone; he felt that desire for revenge for clean athleticism pulsating within him, the same one that Mario and Antonino showed him, and in that meeting he was strongly attracted by the Natural Body project as it reflected, in a crystalline way, the same purity that distinguished his conduct sporty. Moved intimately by that meeting, and falling in love with the project, José himself contacted Antonino about 2 weeks later. Antonino's foresight and sensitivity saw, in José's eyes, those of a dreamer: the same ones that allowed him to make the Natural Body dream flourish. He saw talent in José, as well as an immeasurable purity of mind, such that he led him to offer him participation in the European Championships that were about to be organised: José found in that call, as well as a magnificent opportunity, also the occasion to consolidate with Antonino that which was a strong, very strong union.
He accepted, and he too made the firmament shine, with an even more vivid blue of which the Blue Squad is tinged.
The dream come true: Antonino's dream slowly took shape.
That pearl inside the oyster became a precious diadem thanks to José's entrance. Antonino, also in this case, was a great support for José, not being able to be present at the European Championships, thus giving him the burden of taking his place: an honor that, even today, José recounts with shining eyes. It was a blue triumph at the European Championships, an experience that José defined as "mystical": an indelible stamp in the history of Natural Body, and in their lives, uniting them strongly, consolidating even more the synergy between Antonino, Mario and José.
José took part in that project, and later became an integral part of it.
However, the wings of Natural Body stopped beating on March 14, 2019, with the loss of Antonino Sergi's beating heart. He failed his loved ones and his Blue Team, leaving a void footprint that, even today, still struggles to fill. Mario Tocci revived the heart of Natural Body with incredible effort, recovering from an unbridgeable human and professional loss, thus acquiring the title of President of Natural Body. That Blue Squad led to international summits needed a beacon, a Captain: Mario could only move towards José.
That spearhead met fortuitously proved to be loyal and ethically titanic, and Mario found great support in that human substance: he proposed to José, in fact, to join him, captaining the Blue Squad: from here, cohesion was further consolidated.
Since then, the project regained altitude and, spreading his wings, the incessant work of Mario Tocci and José Possidente thus allows Antonino to continue living, mediating his actions with the only common denominator: carrying forward the project of a Body
Building Natural, healthy, which educates and which is strongly didactic; that distances from doping and that teaches discipline, leading to the doors of lasting well-being. Athletes with pure soul and body, who gave strong demonstration of how much natural body building, in addition to an ambitious vision, was really the prodrome of a renewed garment with which to weave a new way of talking about body building, reinforcing the concepts of which above: exaltation of maximum physical fitness in the presence, and as a consequence, of a conspicuous state of health.
The fulcrum lies in the maniacal care of training: the weights represent
a bodily extension, and the body, opposing these resistances, is induced to respond with well-considered adaptations, which must be skilfully planned and consequential over time, to ensure postural balance and the creation of a symmetrical and harmonious work: from clay, the work of art.
Physical culture sees the care of movement, the choice of exercises suitable for individual needs, with the commitment to internalize those motor patterns suitable for the individual; thus creating those fundamental driving conditions for the athlete, such as the ability to be able and strong, in every nuance.
Thus training becomes an art form: the body is the canvas, training becomes the painter's hand. The science of training sees the use of overloads in an intelligent way, prescribed according to individual needs so that they do not damage ligament and joint health, as today's clichés are used to say: "weights hurt". Weights hurt.. for those who don't do them. Weight training is a form of education and training, character and physical.
One consequence of the other.
The CREATE workout disciplines: creation comes from action.
Natural Body's mission is to teach, especially to young people, the values of Natural athleticism and the conduct of a healthy life, away from vices and errors of lethal gravity, if we consider the victims that doping ruthlessly reaps every year. Poor information, little discipline, bad examples renowned among social media and in the national bodybuilding environment. Nothing to do with what is the true leitmotiv of Natural Body. Thus arises the need for a real Training School, which overturns the beliefs held so far, and which gives the tools to understand the importance of training with weights with science and con-science. Thus, in equal measure, the care of nutrition: instilling the principles for a conscious nutritional choice, so that it is an aid to training and the body composition sought by athletes, according to the canons closest to their structure. In addition to guaranteeing an always clear healthy picture.
Inform about the importance of a choice of food that is as least industrialized as possible, more genuine, natural, and balanced, removing that patina of food excess that characterizes the bad manners proposed by ambiguous social models, or those unjustified restrictions proposed in our environment, to the sound of “rice, chicken and broccoli”. As if an athlete were a stranger to the world, in a glass ampoule that makes him alienated and prone to slipping into unhealthy choices, as well as promoting eating disorders. In fact, the sacrifice must not be contemplated; rather, a renewed form of life education, because the meaning of "Diet" responds to the "way of life", also the way in which one thinks, on which emotions one dwells: a consequentiality of habits which, protracted for years , safeguard health and give prestige to this magnificent discipline. An evolution of physical culture. An athlete becomes an emancipated person who makes his life a magnificent experience. On stage, what will be shown will be the result of a perpetuated Amor Proprio.
The headquarters of Natural Body, the nucleus within which all this orbits, still today, is in Cosenza, at the "Sparta MMA CS" structure, where the house of Antonino Sergi is now, where the project is still alive , and goes on.
The strong intention that moves all of us, who participate in this great project, is in the commitment to promulgate information, a real training on physical culture; teaching young and old alike that physical activity is the primary means of prevention; muscles become a complex metabolic architecture designed to improve our health conditions, and not as a means for ostentation as an end in itself. The attention to aesthetics is to be found in that wise choice of movements, and each movement arises from a need. We answer the question we should all be asking: “What do you need? How come you train?” Here you are. Educate to the "mens sana in corpore sano": because everything starts from the intellect, with a healthy (in)formation you can sprinkle, on every territory, the possibility of making Body Building a complementary discipline to one's activities, making one's body , a better place to live.
From today, now and always.
We've done it in the past, we can do it again. Walt Disney said: "If you can dream it, you can do it".

Right from here: "Bodybuilding starts again, NATURAL"

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